The main guide for the server.

General Information

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  1. Keep chat PG-13. Infrequent cursing is allowed, but excessive or directed cursing is not. Topics should be safe for work.

  2. Staff decisions are not to be disputed.

  3. Respect other people, including other players, and staff.

  4. Do not advertise other servers or services in channels where it is not specifically allowed.

  5. Follow the Discord Terms of Service (

  6. Gather resources from the resource world. Do not do large mining or destruction in the main world.

  7. Do not grief nor steal from other players.

  8. Large automatic farms must be built underground, and must not cause excessive lag. Machines that lag the server may be removed without notice.

  9. Leave the spawns of each dimension intact and unclaimed. Claims and grief will be removed without notice.

Gathering Resources

The main world can't be modified unless you're a part of a town, and the area you want to modify is also part of the same town. In order to gather resources, you must go to the Resource world. This world is reset every day, and can be mined and destroyed freely. To get there, do /rw tp.

Do not build structures or store resources in this world. It is reset daily, and everything is cleared.


Towns are one of the core pieces of our gameplay experience. If you want to modify the main world in any way, it has to be claimed by a town. Towns are a great way to work together with other players and pool resources. Towns can also set and take a tax in order to pay upkeep on their claims. If a town owner goes inactive, there is an appeal process to replace them.

Joining a Town

To join a town, simply do /t join [name]. If the town is open to the public, you will be able to join it freely. If the town is closed, those who can add you will be notified that you want to join and they can extend you an invitation.

To add a member to a town you're a part of, do /t add [name].

Creating a Town

If you save up 250g, you'll be able to create your own town by running /t new [name]. This will claim the 16x16 plot you're standing on currently. To see the plots, press F3 + G. The first block you claim does not need to be the center of your town, but where you're standing will be the spawn of your town unless you change it with /t set spawn. After that, you'll be able to claim 9 blocks and accept members to your own town.

For more information on creating, managing and running a town, please see the Towns guide.

Ranking Up

Ranking up is as easy as playing on the server. Each rank has a time amount set to the next rank. You can check your playtime by hovering over your name in chat. The rank times are as follows:


Time Requirement

Power Level


Vote Reward

Vote Party Reward


5 minutes






2 hours






8 hours






2 days






7 days





To see your play time or power level, open chat and hover your mouse over your name, or do /profile to view a more complete summary of your player statistics.

Earning Money

Earning money happens in many ways, and makes your life much easier. Don't want to go out and gather materials for your next project? The /materials shop is there for you. Need some raw diamonds? Go visit nearby player shops.


Voting is the easiest way to get money. Each rank earns more money, as shown in the table above.


Every 10 minutes spent on the server gives you 1g unless a server boost is active.

Player Shops

You can set up shops to sell what you produce. To create a shop, punch a chest with what you want to sell, then type the price per item in chat. You can then shift + right click the sign to change settings on the shop.

Mob Hunting

Each hostile mob has a rare drop that can be used for crafting, or can be used to sell back to the server. This can be done from the /sell menu.

Building a Market

When towns build a market, they gain a Shopkeeper NPC which allows them to sell items they mine or find from mobs for varying prices. Other towns may have different options to sell or different prices.


There are many ways to get around on here. We have towns, homes, warps, player warps, spawns, and scrolls. Each one of these is a little different, but each has its own place. To quickly choose between the available options, try running /go.


Towns and nations each can have a spawn. You can travel to these by running /t spawn or /n spawn. Mayors and Kings can set their spawn with /t set spawn and /n set spawn.


Each player gets one home. You can set your home by running /sethome and get back to it by running /home. Your number of homes does not increase by ranks, it stays at one. Scrolls can be used to save other locations.


Warps are locations saved by the server and available for everyone to teleport to. To see the warps you can run /warps and to choose one you can click one in the menu, or run /warp [name].

Player Warps

You get one player warp when you rank up to Denizen, and another when you rank up to Nobility. These allow you to make a public warp on the server to a location of your choice. You can view current player warps with /pw, and set them with /pw set [name].


Spawns are determined by a monthly contest. You can get to a random one by running /spawn.


Scrolls are a good way to temporarily store a location to go back to. They are crafted like so:

Four ender pearls surrounding a paper.

Each one has 5 charges, and keeps the same location each time.